• Syria Al-Assad

    Syria Al-Assad is a drive-by typology of monuments and billboards erected to the greater honor of the Assad family, which has ruled Syria since 1971.
    The photos themselves are deliberately devoid of  political statements, in contrast to the design of the book. All the photos are on the right-hand page and each page has perforations, so it can be torn out. As a result the book resembles a tear-off calendar; text and image can be separated, images eliminated and the sequence adjusted.
    The pictures show the dummy version of 2012.

    Spector Books Leipzig, 2014 / 130 pages / 65 colour photos / Format: 235 × 300 mm with band / English translation of Arabic texts / Concept and design: Oliver Hartung / Typography: Helmut Völter / Soft cover / Edition of 800 / Special Edition of 30 with Print / published in Foam Magazine, Issue #34, Prefix Photo # 28, 1814 Magazine #8, New York Times Lens

    Shortlisted for:
    * Dummy Award 2012, 5th Int. Photobook Festival.
    * Dummy Award 2012, Unseen Photo Fair, Amsterdam.
    * Young Book Designers Award 2013, Stiftung Buchkunst, Frankfurt/Main.
    * German Photobook Award 2015.
    * PHotoEspaña 2015 Best Photobook of the Year.